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Really happy after my appointment

I am so happy that I booked this appointment with Dr Unsworth. She spent the time to make sure I felt comfortable, and listened to all my issues and concerns before explaining everything that was available to me including all the associated positives and negatives. Having been told on numerous occasions by doctors at my surgery that I was too young to be peri-menopausal, I now feel confident returning to my GP to discuss my treatment going forwards.

If needed, I would book another appointment with hesitation. Thank you.


Came highly recommended and did not disappoint

I have been fortunate to have a GP that was happy to prescribe me HRT however, they were not confident in prescribing me testosterone which I am convinced will be the final piece in the HRT jigsaw. Dr Unsworth was recommended to me by a menopause educator and I found her to be professional, knowledgeable and a genuinely lovely person and it felt like a chat with a friend rather than a consultation with a doctor. I received my report to forward to my GP one hour after the consultation, my prescription was generated straight away and the testosterone is due to be delivered tomorrow, less than 24 hours after the appointment. Fantastic service, money well spent and I’ve already booked my review.

If you’re thinking of booking an appointment then don’t hesitate, I highly recommend Dr Unsworth, her knowledge will change your life.


Don’t hesitate to book, you won’t regret it!

Such a pleasant consultation with Dr Susanna who is very approachable and knowledgeable. I had a few queries about my current HRT (which needed tweaking) and I felt listened to and that Dr Susanna understood what the problems were, and how to address them. If you are having difficulty accessing HRT or have queries about your regime, don’t hesitate to book; you definitely won’t regret it.

8th July 2021

Amazing 5 ⭐️ Service

I really felt listened to by Susanna and I now have a really good plan for the next 6 months. Despite having a supportive GP who had prescribed HRT, Susanna’s expert knowledge and advice was well worth it. Thank you so much 😊


I had a 30 minute

I had a 30 minute appointment, but didn’t feel at all rushed and was given time to ask questions and was constantly reassured.

8th July 2021

Holistic care

Today I had my initial consultation with Dr Susanna Unsworth and she emphasised her belief that quality of life is uppermost and a holistic approach to the whole breast cancer/ HRT decision and risk/ benefit analysis is key . I felt heard and advised and educated. Within a few hours there was a full write up of our conversation in my inbox. It is great to feel that someone who is knowledgeable and aware of the specific issues and decisions that I am facing is in my corner. Thank you.


Evidence-based advice

This was my follow-up appointment with Dr Unsworth. I came to her because my GP surgery had refused to prescribe testosterone despite a very low reading or consider increasing my oestrogen dose. Dr Unsworth was informative about all aspects of peri and post menopause including balancing blood results with symptoms. Her letters to my GP were informative and pointed my GP in the direction they can go for the guidelines on increasing oestrogen if required, and recommendations regarding testosterone in women. Her knowledge is clearly outstanding and she refers to the evidence when advising. She is warm, open and honest and clearly cares about her patients.


I found my appointment with

I found my appointment with Dr Susanna Unsworth incredibly helpful. I had struggled to find someone at my GP surgery who had the expertise (or the time) to discuss the difficulties I had been experiencing with peri-menopause and I felt Susanna really took the time to understand my symptoms and work with me to find the best possible solution and treatments. She is obviously experienced in the area of Women’s Health – her advice was clear and took into account all that we had discussed. She is also well informed on all the latest developments in this field. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

17th June 2021

I have been considering seeing

I have been considering seeing a Menopause specialist for over a year but kept putting it off. But I am so please I finally booked an appointment and had a consultation with Dr. Unsworth. Dr. Unsworth immediately put me at ease and was friendly and supportive throughout. She explained the benefits and risks of HRT in full and also covered approaches to lifestyle and complementary therapies for specific symptoms. We discussed a treatment plan to suit my requirements and I feel confident moving forward with the decisions made. Thoroughly recommend.


A really helpful and positive consultation

I have struggled with menopause symptoms for the last ten years and tried various forms of HRT. I wanted to discuss my ongoing plan of action to help my menopause symptoms. Dr Susanna Unsworth was really friendly, helpful, informative and listened carefully to everything I talked about. She gave me some excellent advice and talked me through all the risk factors and current research to help inform my decision.
I feel really pleased to have invested in this appointment and positive about dealing with my menopause symptoms for this next stage.
I would thoroughly recommend an appointment and consultation with Dr Unsworth.

7 May 21

Fabulous consultation

I felt totally at ease during my consultation with Dr Susie Unsworth. She understood my concerns around menopause symptoms and fully explained the benefits that HRT could bring me. All my questions were answered clearly and I felt reassured at the end of our conversation.
My prescription was delivered to my house less than 48 hours later – very impressed indeed. I would highly recommend Dr Unsworth.

29 April 2021

Clarity at Last

I found my call with Dr Susanna Unsworth to be very reassuring. I had pondered for sometime over the possibilty of taking HRT , but as I am now 6 years post- menopause I wasn’t even sure if that was still possible! It turns out it is and after a very informative consultation, which also took into account my history of migraines, I felt confident enough to go forward with a prescription which is tailor made to my unique needs and outcomes. Susanna was warm and welcoming and professional throughout. I feel I have found the right person to assist me in optimising my health as I go forward into the next chapter of my life. Relief, renewal, and clarity at last! Thank you Susanna x


A very successful consultation

I am so pleased I had arranged a consultation with Dr Susanna Unsworth. From the start Dr Unsworth put me at ease and was incredibly knowledgeable and sympathetic to my health concerns. All options for moving forward with possible treatment was explained to me in a professional and thorough manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Unsworth.


Looking for HRT and a

From the outset, Susanna made me feel at ease. As I discussed my issues, she listened intently. She clearly explained the pros and cons to all HRT discussed. We also addressed other issues such as how to generally look after myself. I felt she really listened without judgement. She has a lovely approachable manner. Really pleased with my outcome. I’m not one for writing reviews but I wanted to make an exception for Susanna.


Supportive and informative consultation

I had a follow-up video consultation with Susanna today to assess how things had been going for me in the three months since we first met to discuss my HRT. I felt very comfortable talking on the video call; the consultation felt relaxed yet thorough, covering all aspects of my current HRT requirements. The detailed report promptly sent on afterwards provided a really useful summary for both me and my GP, who I will give a copy to keep on my file. After reading through it, I was surprised by just how much had been covered in a thirty minute consultation. I really value the specialist advice and the extra time these consultations give to discuss things fully and help me to make informed and supported decisions about my HRT. I am very grateful that this clinic exists.


Feeling better already….

I cannot thank Susanna enough for her empathy and supportive response. The first I’ve had where I feel I’ve been genuinely listened to and made to feel my opinion was important.
I feel really confident in the response I got and I learnt loads from the information she gave.
I cannot wait for my prescription to arrive so I can get started!

15th January 2021

Helpful and reassuring

I found the video consultation with Susanna was both helpful and reassuring. I have had issues with tolerance of some HRT and have been prescribed alternatives by my own GP but don’t feel there is ever long enough to discuss everything during the short appointments. I have also found that it can be difficult to find a GP with specialist knowledge of HRT.
During the video consultation with Susanna, I felt like I had time to discuss everything that I wanted to. She gave me very useful advice and I was completely happy with her recommendations. I particularly liked receiving the consultation report so promptly, which was thorough and accurate. It felt quite a revelation, and well worth paying for, to have such a thorough and holistic consultation with detailed recommendations.


Back to being me

Finding a knowledgeable, understanding and caring Doctor when it comes to quality of life has given me a light at the end of an exceptionally long tunnel. Feeling written off and struggling with severe menopausal symptoms was really having a huge impact on my mental health and wellbeing. Covid-19 had taken away my chance to see an NHS Menopause Consultant. I was reading everything I could find on HRT and finding Dr Unsworth through the British Menopause Society and subsequently making an appointment has given ME back. The consultation with Dr Unsworth made me feel like I had a real voice and an informed decision about the medication that I required. Thank you so much Dr Unsworth.

25 September 2020

Menopause finely explained!

If you, like me , have been searching for straight forward answers regarding your menopause Dr. Susanna Unsworth is the right person. She tells it as it is without being patronising or dismissive. She listened attentively to my health history and prescribed treatment that was carefully thought through to tailor my needs. Before talking to Dr. Unsworth I felt very anxious about my health and felt that I was not treated properly. Now I feel that there is a highly knowledgeable doctor that is on my side. I am not in a habit of going to private doctors but that was money well spent!

2nd October 2020

Reassuring and comprehensive consultation

I met with Dr Unsworth via video call to discuss my menopausal health, and I could not be more delighted by the experience. Dr Unsworth was approachable and put me at ease very quickly; I felt listened to and that the symptoms that I had been experiencing were recognised and acknowledged.
Dr Unsworth is extremely knowledgeable, and explained my treatment clearly, putting my mind at ease.
I would certainly recommend the clinic, and am glad that I plucked up the courage to go myself.

21st August 2020

Kind and Caring

I found Dr Unsworth easy to talk to and sympathetic to my issues, which she took time to fully understand. She presented a range of treatment options explaining the pros and cons of each, and offered me a choice of routes to take. I had questions about alternative therapies, and she was knowledgeable about these and why she would or would not recommend them. I felt I was in very safe hands and am delighted to be on the road to improvement. Thoroughly recommend.


Finding a way forward

My first consultation helped me make sense of my various physical and emotional symptoms and signposted me to a number of options which could alleviate them. I look forward to testing what works best for me, and am optimistic that I will settle on a solution that helps me ‘ride the dragon’ of Menopause.

A video consultation is no barrier to the sharing of wisdom

3 Jul 20

Relief at last!

My consultation with Dr. Unsworth gave me relief in many different ways. Relief that a medical professional was able to take the time to listen to all of my concerns around menopause. Relief to obtain advice from a doctor who clearly keeps up to date with the latest research in the field of womens health. Relief to finally have someone answer all of the myriad of questions and clear up my confusion about lots of things associated with menopause, not least of which was the various different treatments. And finally, maybe most important relief to hear that the symptoms I am experiencing are related to menopause and that I can do something about it. I highly recommend that you invest time in yourself and take advantage of the online consultations being currently offered.


Detailed, considered discussion

I saw Dr Unsworth today to discuss issues related to perimenopause. She took time to listen, asked lots of questions and made several suggestions of potential strategies. She explained each one and allowed me to make the decision.

22 may 2020

Dr Unsworth is the BEST

I cannot recommend Dr Unsworth highly enough as someone to talk to re the menopause. She is patient, kind, understanding and gives you all the time you need to talk through your worries and anxieties that are related to this difficult time in a woman’s life. She is empathetic and clearly explains all the options open to you. She answers emails as soon as you send them – often in her own time, not office hours – and nothing is too much trouble for her.

I urge you, if you’re struggling, to go and see Dr Unsworth, I am SO glad that I found her and will be forever grateful to her for all the help and advice she is giving me through this bewildering time of my life.

THANK YOU Dr Unsworth.

19 March 2020

A very thorough consultation

I recently had a video consultation with Dr Unsworth. Dr Unsworth had studied the questionnaire I had completed prior to my consultation so was aware of my symptoms and what was troubling me. I was able to talk at length with Dr Unsworth and explore the various options available to help with my symptoms. She was very thorough and gave me the confidence to make an informed decision on the best treatment for me. Once I had decided on the treatment I wanted to have Dr Unsworth gave me full details on dosage and frequency etc. I received a full report of the consultation by email the next day together with my prescription.

Thank you for your understanding and advice. I am happy that I now have someone I can contact should I need any further support.


So helpful, informative and understanding.

So helpful, informative and understanding.


An empowering consultation

Prior to meeting Dr Unsworth, I’ve been seeing different GPs from my local surgery, depending on their availability, and it has been an unsettling and lengthy process — they often had to come back to me after consulting the pharmacy and/or a colleague to discuss which medication to prescribe and whether they were available. Twice, I was referred to a hospital consultant and both times they were of very little help to me. I now know that a gynecologist doesn’t necessary have training in menopause. And those I’ve seen certainly didn’t! And let’s not even mention the 6 month waiting list…

My appointment with Dr Unsworth was the best consultation I could have wished for. Dr Unsworth had studied the questionnaire one fills in when booking an appointment and she was well prepared for me. She was very thorough, clear and with interesting suggestions and tweaks to suit me. I came out of the consultation feeling trust and confidence (and even excitement !) in my new treatment.

For the first time I’m feeling safe and secure and in control as I can go back to see her if need to.

I’ve been using my new medications for nearly two weeks and already noticing big improvements and some symptoms have completely gone — I wish I had invested in my health and seen Dr Unsworth much sooner but I’m so glad that I have now: better late than never!


At last the advice I have been looking for!!

Dear Dr Unsworth

I am delighted that i have found you and I hope more women get to know about your clinic.

I have found incredibly helpful to be able to talk to a female doctor specifically about the menopause, about my personal symptoms, history and present circumstances and to have a plan tailor made to my specific requirements.

In my experience GPS don’t seem to have the time and I have been prescribed anti depressants as a way to make the problem go away. That was the only answer I have received every time I have complained about symptoms.

I was impressed with how knowledgeable, patient and caring you were during my consultation.

I have had heard a lot of confusing and contradictory facts about HRT. So much so that I was getting scared about taking it. After my consultation with you I feel far more confident and able to make an informed decision. You have told me about the most up to date research, we have been through the pros and cons and we have discussed what is available on the market that can help ease the symptoms.

Thank you so much for your help. It has made a great difference to me and I am very happy to know that I now have someone to guide me through this difficult period of my life and whom I can go to when I need a review or informed and caring advice.

All the best

17th January 2020