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Susanna Unsworth’s meno8 supplement has improved my quality of life. I started on the supplement before starting a low dose of HRT, as this can be taken alongside HRT. Unfortunately, I am not good taking medication and although the HRT helped a huge amount with my mental state, that had got progressively worse over the past 3 years, it caused some unwanted and adverse side-effects. However, I have ordered more and have been taking Meno8 now for around 2 months and it is has really helped to lesson the hot flushes and my mood has really improved. Those women that struggle to orgasm, fear not – HRT will heighten your sex drive and is sure to make it MUCH MUCH easier to have an orgasm, mark my words. However, I am feeling the same effect with the Meno8 as well. Please note – I am never good with medication, I am even allergic to Evening Primrose. It actually brought on hot sweats for me, so please give HRT a try if you are struggling like I was, because there is a combination out there for everyone. I would just like to thank Susanna for her help and understanding.

August 6, 2021

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